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About Me

Who am i? Im Johannes89 im a vlogger and NSFW game review i love playing games and love checking out all the different type of adult games there are available. im doing this because i love all type of games and to see what it have in place for us. if you want your game reviewed contact me in the contact page.


Well question is why NSWF content? i have being doing vlogs for 2 years and my channel did not grow at all until i found TurkVanGogh channel and found the stories really interested so ive started to play it and since Januarie 2018 up to this point i have grown allot ive gotten over 5000 subscribers within 10 months. its going for me all about having fun and giving the viewers what they love watching.

Game Developers

If you are a game developer and want me to review your game please send me a request with the link to download your game and i will do a gameplay of your game. im still getting use to making funny comments etc while im playing the game but the more games i play the better it will become in the end

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